About ISSC


About ISSC

International Society for Social Capital Research (ISSC) was established in 2009 by assembling researchers who have been interested in social capital and health. Prof. Kawachi (HSPH, USA) had hosted first symposium/meeting at Harvard University.

One of our work is a book titled “Global Perspectives on Social Capital and Health” (Springer, Aug 2013). This project was come up for agenda at Boston (1st meeting, 2009). We decided editors at Okayama (2nd meeting, 2010) and collected chapter proposals from possible authors in autum at the same year. And at Manchester (3rd meeting, 2011), chapter authors presented their contents and we discussed chapeter by chapter. Then, we had prepared first draft at Okinawa (4th meeting, 2012). We finally submitted final manuscripts to Springer in winter. One regrettful thing is that we could not publish the book before 5th meeting at Turku (June 2013).


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