The Professor's Greeting

Professor'''If he comes, he comes. If he goes, he goes.''

Although it wasn't decided on at any particular time, this has become our way of acting. We are participating actively in not only the medical care field, but also political, administrative and educational fields, educating a truly diverse group of capable people who, whether characterized by ignorance, mediocrity, or genius, come to improve themselves in an unrestricted environment

Last year, I returned to the university after a long time working for the government, but I have noticed that the young researchers have keenly taken over the old traditions, and these are producing results in the form of ''Epidemiology.''

''Medicine became a science through epidemiology.'' It is not known who said the words, but since epidemiology has verified the effectiveness of consultations, treatment, as well as pharmaceuticals and the development of medical care systems, and also clinical applications, we should accept the words of our forerunners.

We are facing unprecedented public health problems such as a falling birth rate and an aging population, and discrepancies in people's health conditions. Although the measures to solve these problems and the course of action that society should follow are set within fixed limits, they can be revealed scientifically through epidemiology. Together with our Professor of Medical Care Policy/Management, Professor Hamada, we are making round the clock investigations to try to bring closer links between the outcomes of epidemiological research and government policy.

If you are a student with a strong interest in learning or if you would like to reconsider the way medical care should be, would you like to come and experience epidemiology with us?

Professor Hiroyuki Doi

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